Clearing is quite simple in the French islands:


We can represent you for customs/immigration and prepare your documents prior to your arrival.


Just email us:

- your ship registry,

- crew and guests lists,

- mentions of existing visas and/or need for visas/ LAISSER-PASSER requests,

- date AND anchorage of arrival (and departure if known or for a 24hours stop),

- previous and next port of calls,

- declaration of weapons, MUST BE STOWED AND LOCKED

- declaration of APA cash if more than 10k, and with proof of wire for 50k+ ( not needed if coming from France or a nother French island)

- declaration of alcools and cigars/cigarettes.



Most citizenships don't require a visa and most crew are fine with their seamans' documents.

For others mainly Ukranians, Turks, Philipinos and South africans, the visa needed is DOM - CTOM or a French SCHENGEN -FRA visa


f last minute visas are needed for guests (email us if unsure about the nationality that needs one) to be obtained at border, we can organize it for a short time visit of less than 15 days or a request a the prefecture for temporary immigration.

We would need on top of the info above:

- a scanned copy of passeport and visas


PLEASE NOTE: it is only valid for one french island at a time. If you plan to visit Martinique, St Martin or St Barth, you will have to request another visa at border there.


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