Halfway between the Grenadines and the Virgin Islands, neighbour to Antigua, it's more than one island that you are about to discover : Grande-Terre, Basse-Terre, Les Saintes, Marie-Galante, Petite-Terre, Ilet Gosier, Ilets Pigeon... The wonderful Guadeloupe archipelago provides you with all the European commodities and facilities to make your VISIT as welcoming as possible. 


No worries, we are here to assist YOU! We'll help you out to book your activities.  Awesome short distance sailing, surf SUP, pirogue and kite/wing/foil/surf playground, marvelous scuba diving, whale watching, great beaches, amazing hikes and canyoning in the rain forest and to the volcano, delightful French and Caribbean cuisine, Rum tasting, discover the local artists with a private class onboard and buy their latest piece of art, private session of local DJ or band, even fireworks! And so much more to do & experience... Come see what made us stay here onshore!


With 15+ years of experience on the island and many miles at sea, we are your shore link for all your yacht needs when arriving in Guadeloupe and the Saintes, you name it, we'll find it for you.

We work with the best references for all services, people who know your business, who know the high quality service you expect with a short time frame.


24/7 service is of course our line, here is the basic of what we can do for you:

- Immigration, custom e-clearances in/out: we make your arrival as smooth as possible for your guests

- VIP pickup to and from the international airport in Pointe-à-Pitre + liaise with the jet handling

- private jet services within the Caribbean

- Bunkering: delivery by truck  + lubricants and degreasers

- APA captain € wire transfers & cash out

- Top notch French provisioning

- Charter services:  day-workers, laundry, flowers, shipping, courrier..

- Rental cars, English speaking drivers and guides

- Professional divers for anchor checks

Fine dining, rum, local beers and wine testing, boutique hotels, amazing spas, special events, art & culture,...

let us find and book the right activity for you and organise your transfer in a private vehicle with an English speaking driver/guide.


Do your guests know what they want to do? And even they might change their mind, we are here 24/7 to assist you, your owners and your guests, have the best stay while you stop by. We act like your crew on shore and take care of running YOUR errands and deal with all the local services in French and kreyol.

We assist all departments : bridge, engineer, deck, purser, interior and last but not least the chef! GET ALL THE DETAILED INFO by contacting us via email or whatsapp at +590 690 728 809.



We are also working with INTERNATIONAL MARINE MANAGEMENT @ their docks & shipyard acilities in the Port of Pointe-à-Pitre next to the 700 ton FLOATING DRYDOCK to assist any yacht while in repair or during a longer time refit. contact us for mid to long term assistance

You need to get ready after your crossing for one of the most popular Caribbean races and are looking for a place for your container, a safe storage for your sails and heavy furniture, need to have a survey of your rig... : we are happy to assist you with all your RACE LOGISTICS needs. Then you want to organise a welcome package for your PR, we are here too, send us your request. 


DM or call whatsapp +590 690 728 809 or email us prior to your arrival and we'll help you sort out whatever & wherever your needs are.  With this said, we look forward to welcoming you this coming Caribbean season!



Ariane, Melody & Claire


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